Monday, July 18, 2011

My First Photo Shoot

I haven't taken a photography class since high school when we still used film and darkrooms. That one class was magic for me, and I decided I must have a darkroom in my future house. Well, things have changed a bit. I've had my Nikon DSLR (D50) for 5-6 years now and have hardly ever moved out of auto. I've been wanting to get more comfortable with shooting manual again, and some friends of ours gave me a good reason to brush up on my skills. Here's a few of my favorites from my first "official" photo shoot on Saturday:

I can't deny it, I am SO pleased with how these turned out! Photography has always just been a hobby for me. I'm not looking to start a "full blown" photography business, but it looks like I may have lots of opportunities for more photo shoots in the near future. ...And I'm totally looking forward to it. I had so much fun!