Friday, May 7, 2010

my first gocco attempt

I successfully burned a gocco screen on the first try! I think my background in printing, specifically screen printing, seriously boosted my confidence in this task. Now when it comes to choice of ink, I failed miserably. I've been reading a lot of forums about gocco related "stuff" and someone said they successfully used versatex screen printing ink instead of gocco ink. I thought I'd give that a try since I could order it through Dick Blick and it would be here the next day. It was just way too thin. I cleaned up the screen and tried some plain old oil paint next, but I wasn't happy with the color.
Eventually after all the messing around with ink and colors the screen got clogged and I couldn't push any ink through so I gave up. I wasn't about to burn another screen and I need to get these invites in the mail, so I don't have time to find and wait for gocco ink to arrive.
I redesigned the text and printed it out on an inkjet transparency and attached it to the photo instead.

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